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Year 12 Physics

High quality and syllabus-specific

How we make learning HSC Physics easy



Everything you need for HSC Physics success

Save time with all-in-one Physics resources: interactive theory, customisable quizzes, mock exams and intelligent reporting



Detailed coverage of the syllabus

All aspects of the syllabus are covered thoroughly and organised in a logical and sequential manner to support classroom teaching and independent learning.



Clear explanations and diagrams that deliver 'aha' moments

Complex concepts are broken down into simple bite-sized pieces to provide a clear understanding of concepts.



Flowcharts for organising your understanding

Use flowcharts to explain and organise your understanding in logical and sequential ways.



Learn the best techniques with worked examples

Detailed worked solutions help you pinpoint your errors and highlight the right techniques for solving problems.



Band 6 response templates help you structure your answer easily

Take the guesswork out. Learnable’s Band 6 response templates help you answer explain, discuss and assess questions easily.


Resources for Working Scientifically skills


Physics skills

Essential science skills

Acquire essential science skills for all types of practical tasks.



A library of Physics Practical investigations

Be prepared for your next Physics practical exam with a library of syllabus specific Physics practicals written by subject matter experts.


Guide for your Depth Study

Learn how to choose your depth study type, idea and topic. See what an exemplary depth study report looks like.


The biggest difference Learnable made to my learning was being the most accurate, efficient way of preparing for examination tasks.”

Mia Chaaya (99.85 ATAR)

St Vincent's College, 2020 Graduate

Exams for all occasions



1000+ exam questions at your finger tips

Practice makes it perfect. Address your weaknesses with 1000+ exam style questions at your fingertips.



Exams for topics, modules, trials and the HSC

Assess your exam readiness with module exams, trial exams and mock HSC exams.



Know where you stand relative to others before the real exam

Module, mock trial and mock HSC exams provide a detailed analysis of your performance against your physics cohort.


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