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Interactive Resources

Empower your teaching with resources that do more


Comprehensive NSW syllabus coverage

Address every NSW science syllabus dot point and inquiry question in-depth with bite-sized lessons designed to bring Band 6 achievements within reach for students of all learning abilities.


Validate learning with Concept Checks

Gauge students’ understanding every step of the way with interactive exam-style questions to reinforce learning.


Concept Checks were especially useful for checking my understanding.”

Fox Barancewicz

Marcellin College, 2020 Graduate

An expansive library of questions, mapped to the NSW syllabus


Build custom worksheets

Effortlessly assemble practice worksheets by module, difficulty, or study time. Manage assigned tasks with detailed performance breakdowns automatically delivered to your dashboard.


Student-generated quizzes

Keep highly-motivated students engaged with self-generated practice quizzes from a constantly growing bank of exam-style practice questions.


Module, trial, and mock HSC exam questions

Streamline HSC science exam preparation with Learnable’s Exam Simulator, featuring a comprehensive library of exam-style questions developed by experienced content writers.


Instant, detailed feedback

Spend less time marking and more time developing students’ areas of improvement. All questions on Learnable are automatically marked with detailed solutions.


Not just a textbook


Bite-sized content

15-30 minute lessons for bite-sized learning.

Curriculum aligned

Built for comprehensive coverage of the NSW Syllabus.

Meaningful pedagogy

Carefully structured lessons for optimised learning.

Concept checks

Instantly validate inquiry question mastery with Concept Checks.


Save content for later with bookmarks.

Instant feedback

Detailed solutions and marking on-the-spot.

Content lock

Prevent mindless scrolling with content progression locks.

Vast question bank

1000+ exam-style practice questions. Mapped to the syllabus.

Completion tracking

Monitor student task progression and completion.

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