Optimise your teaching with classroom super-vision

Adjust your teaching on-the-go with Student360 and Class360 reports

360 Reports

360 degrees of insight




Visualise study patterns with engagement data that reveals what keeps your students active and engaged.


Save time chasing up students for homework and assignments. Monitor real-time task attempts and completion with progress data.


Make performance predictable. Unlock comparative performance data with task accuracy breakdowns at a student and class level.


Unlock personalised insights on your students’ learning habits


Custom reports for every student

Highlight insightful, focused data that tells a story. Student360 reports are designed to showcase data intuitively, with an emphasis on curated, actionable insights over raw data.


Platform assisted N-Awards

Leave the data wrangling to us. Student360 reports let you collect the documentation needed to fulfil NSW education reporting standards all in one place.


Class360 (coming soon)

Effortlessly segment your class for targeted, efficient teaching


Differentiated instruction made easy

Deliver targeted lesson content with Class360 segmented reports that identify student focus groups by progress, engagement, and performance.


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