Discover your weaknesses with customisable quizzes

Customisable Quizzes

Quizzes that can be tailored to target your learning needs


Build custom quizzes to test your understanding of any topics

With customisable quizzes, your learning is optimised by targeting your areas of weakness.


With 1000+ questions, we've got you covered.

Avoid surprises by increasing your exposure to exam-style questions designed by experienced content creators.


A variety of question types

Multiple Choice, Numerical Value and Long Response question types expose you to different types of exam questions.


No more flipping to the back of your textbook

Your quiz is marked automatically with instant feedback to help you pinpoint your errors.


The quizzes were really helpful in identifying my area of weakness. I also liked how I could customise a quiz.”

Saloni Aphale

East Hills Girls Technology High School, 2019 Graduate

Keep improving with our actionable insights


Track your performance against others in real-time

Compare your performance against the course average and stay motivated.


Take action with a detailed breakdown of your quiz performance

Track your performance relative to peers. Actionable insights help you focus on what matters most.


The dashboard was helpful for assessing the depth of my knowledge. Being able to compare against the course average motivated me to do better.”

Angela Park (99.45 ATAR)

Sydney Girls High School, 2019 Graduate

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