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Teacher Resources

How we support our teachers


Save your time


All-in-one resources consist of AutoTask, structured theory content, customisable worksheets, exams, and reports.

Deepen your understanding

Learnable makes your data digestible. It’s easy to monitor trends and track student performance.

Extend your reach


Learning doesn’t have to stop after class. Students can continue with self-directed learning even when you’re not there.

Save time with high quality, classroom-ready resources


Optimise your teaching with clear, structured theory

Structured theory content helps teachers optimise their teaching.


Cover all aspects of the syllabus at the right depth

Created by subject matter experts, Learnable’s resources are aligned to the curriculum and cover all aspects of the syllabus thoroughly.


Share more 'aha' moments with your students

Teach complex concepts easily with our clear, easy-to-follow explanations and unique analogies. It’s been rigorously tested by thousands of students and are constantly being improved.


Give instant feedback with automated marking

Instant, detailed feedback at every interaction provides students immediate adjustment their understanding.


A library of exams at your finger tips

Prepare your students for all exam situations with easy access to a library of modules, trials and the HSC exams.


Deepen your understanding of students


Better understand your students

Our activity, progress and engagement reports will help you learn more about your students learning routines and behaviours.


See what’s working for your class

Analyse the effectiveness of your teaching with progress reports. Discover what they don’t know quickly so you can easily tailor your teaching to move your students forward.


Get insights into your students' exam readiness

Get a detailed breakdown of your students’ exam performance for any topic, chapter or module. Know where your students stand relative to others before the real exams.


Extend your reach outside the classroom


Set tasks and track completion with AutoTask

AutoTask makes setting and tracking tasks easy. Theory, Worksheet and Exam Tasks cater for all learning situations.


Teach even when you're not there

Unexpected teacher absence? Your students can undertake independent learning with our easy-to-follow interactive theory lessons.


Micro-features that support your teaching


Bite-sized lessons

15 – 30 minutes is all it takes to complete a clear, structured theory lesson.

Interactive Concept Checks

Help your students check their understanding instantly with detailed explanations.

Trackable Tasks

Assign and track tasks automatically from anywhere. Provide personalised help to students who are falling behind.

A variety of questions

A large variety of exam-style questions prepares you for the real exam – No more surprises!

Mock Exams

Sharpen your students’ exam skills with module exams, trial exams and HSC mock exams.

Intelligent Reporting

A detailed analysis of your students’ performance is accessible instantly.

Designed for teachers by teachers

We’re on a mission to equip every teacher with right tools so they have more time to do what they love – teach.

Focus on content quality

The lights are always on at our content team consisting of leading educators with 10,000 hours of teaching experience.

User experience obsession

Built from the ground up, neither content nor technology have to compromise to deliver a great user experience.

Powered by data


We use an intelligent algorithm to guide you to success.

Improve your students’ learning outcomes

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