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Mission Control

Move your students forward with AutoTask


Set trackable tasks easily for all situations

Optimise your teaching with customisable tasks. Whether it’s for flipped learning or in-class exercise, we’ve got it all covered.


Stay on top of your class in real-time

AutoTask tracks in real-time how students are progressing with task completion.


Keep your students engaged with instant feedback

Automated marking with instant feedback at every interaction provides students immediate adjustments to their understanding.


Address learning gaps with AutoTask analytics


Analyse learning needs of your class and individual students

Identify and address your students’ learning gaps timely with task performance analytics.


Differentiate your instructions easily and timely

Deliver a tailored learning experience in every lesson by assigning a personalised task to target students’ areas of improvement.


Better understand your students


Student activity feed keeps you in the loop

Learn who does what and when with real-time student activity feed on your dashboard.


Learn what works for your class

Analyse the effectiveness of your teaching with progress reports.


Predict your students' performance in the real exam with mock exams

Dashboard uses data to track your performance relative to peers. Actionable insights help you focus on what matters most.


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